Top 100

Useful information on the Top 100 blogs list.

How many blogs are there?

It’s a top 100, but some blogs that are almost there are listed on the second page.

Is this a list of the best blogs in Indonesia?

No, this ranking system measures how much reach each blog has, and how “important” each blog is.

How are the rankings determined?

  1. Google Page Rank – a judgement of the importance of each page on the internet according to the number and quality of links it has from other pages, on a scale of 0 to 10 (higher number is better).
  2. Yahoo Backlinks – the number of pages on the internet on other sites that have a link to a blog’s home page (higher number is better).
  3. Feedburner RSS Subscribers – the number of people who subscribe to each blog’s feedburner feed (Read more below). (higher number is better)
  4. Twitter Backtweets – the number of times a page from your site has been included in a tweet on (higher number is better).
  5. Social Bookmarks – the number of times a blog’s home page has been bookmarked at (higher number is better).
  6. Technorati Blog Rank – a ranking of the importance of blogs based on the number and quality of links each blog has from other blogs (lower number is better).
  7. Postrank Engagement Score – the average level of human interaction with a blog’s posts, primarily how many comments each post has, how frequently there are posts, and also how many mentions on social media sites. (higher number is better)
  8. Alexa Traffic Rank – a ranking of sites based on how many visitors they have received in the past three months (lower number is better).

What kind of blogs are not accepted?


  • topiknya: blogging tips/templates, lirik lagu, downloads, mlm, beasiswa, lowongan kerja, seo
  • aggregators
  • bukan karya sendiri, copy-paste
  • jualan, terlalu commercial
  • belum jalan setidaknya 6 bulan
  • Top Seratus sites atau blog yg ada banyak sekali icon/widget
  • postingan bayaran yg tdk ada hubungan dengan topik blog
  • jarang ada komentar
  • teks putih atas background hitam
  • jumlah links sangat sedikit
  • it just sucks

Why was my blog deactivated?

For one of the above reasons, or:

  • because there were no new posts for a long time, or
  • because you did not link back to or in the right way

(Deprecated – Other Languages)

Javanese, Sundanese, Dutch


If you already use Feedburner

Then you’re lucky. 😉 You don’t have to do anything except make sure that you have the “Awareness API” option checked, that is, that you allow third parties to poll the details about your feed, it’s circulation, hits, and reach. More on this below.

If you don’t yet use Feedburner

Sign up at Feedburner with your Google account.

How to Redirect Current Subscribers to your (new) Feedburner Url

Enable Awareness API

Once you have your Feedburner feed set up you must enable the Awareness Api, here’s how:

  1. Select your feed from your “My Feeds” page.
  2. Select the “Publicize” link.
  3. Click on the “Awareness Api” link down the left side of the page.
  4. Activate “Allow external access to my traffic data” and Save.

Adding a Blog

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